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Hooray, there is again a beautiful litter born at
Standing Strong Poodles.
Puppies were born on September 6, 2013!
4 males and 1 female, all black

All puppies have found nice homes




FI,SE,EE,FIJW'09,FIW'09 Dajmens Armani Black Code




If you are interested in this litter, please call +31 (0)524-763444 or emailpoodles@standingstrong.nl

This is Julia's 3rd and last litter.

We have this combination of parents repeated because there are such beautiful puppies from the first litter.

Daddy Fobba is a beautiful black male and we are very impressed by him.

He has a friendly character and is very social.

Both parents are HD-A tested and the rest of the tests such as eyes, Willebrands and SA are also good.


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Playing outside in nice weather.

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Group pictures


Orange collar (Bleu Dot on Behind)

Standing Strong Lucas Lexus (No longer for Sale!)

Black collar (Bleu Dot on Head)

Standing Strong Mansol Maseratie (Still for Sale!)


Purple collar (Blue Dot on Back)

Standing Strong Fino Ferrari (Still for Sale!)


Blue Collar (Blue Dot on Right Ear)

Standing Strong Benson Bugatti (No longer for sale!)






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Week 9

Nice walk in the garden, we can run fast already

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Week 7


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Week 6



Blue Dot on Head

Pink dot on Head

Blue dot on back

Blue dot on ass

Blue Right Ear

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Week 5

Aren't we big already? We are going outside to play.




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Week 3 and 4

We are growing very well and already getting different food too


It is more exciting to eat your mothers food, nice meat!

Lucille likes the puppy's very much



Introduction round

Blue dot on Behind


Blue Dot on the Head

Blue Dot on Ear

Blue Dot on Back

The only Lady, Pink Dot on the Head


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Our second week

This week exists as always as sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating.............

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Our first week

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