Hectic .


Standing Strong Hectic Electric

Well, what can we say – her name says it all.

She was very small when born, and because she was so wiggly, she sometimes couldn’t find mom’s nipple, so we were a little worried in the beginning.
She still doesn’t have time to eat, so she’ll never be fat.

Very early on, we found her beautiful head hypnotizing. She is very playful, leaping off the ground with all four paws when she gets going.

She loves to play with her ball, pouncing on it as if it’s a mouse. Then she takes it to her spot and keeps it, in her mouth. When you say, “Hectic, what a beautiful ball”, then she is completely happy.


At first, she really was Marcel's dog, he is the one that decided that she should stay with us. So we kept 3 of them. This sometimes drives us crazy but it's also very loving and cozy.

Hectic gave us 2 beautiful daughters in 2004, one of whom we kept, Gloria. She has her own page on this website.

Hectic’s second litter had 4 beautiful puppies, all of whom found good homes.

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